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Getting a neon sign or art piece can seem a bit daunting to order for your first time. Here are some samples to make the process easier.


The first step is knowing what design you want. If it is just words, knowing want font you want helps greatly!

Here we have an example of single stroke, double stroke, and triple stroke. More strokes can be done, but anything more than single stroke increases the cost.



Here we have two types of fonts, Block letters, and script, though almost any font can be used. Keep in mind that neon DOES NOT change thickness, so if your font has thick parts and thin parts, only double stroke can be used.



Some neon pieces are small enough that they can stand freely on a small base and sit on a table. Most neon however is not that small. That is why we mount it on lightweight  plexiglass.

With the anchor, you can see neon mounted in a plexi box with a plexi cover. This is the best method to protecting the neon.

Here is a window box with eyelets in the top to hang from chains/rope

Here  we have a wall mount plexi. The neon is mounted to the face of an inverted box that hangs like a picture frame, while also hiding the transformer from view.

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